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What is the Tastiest Fish to Eat?

If you’re a seafood lover, chances are you’ve had an internal debate about what you truly believe is the most delicious fish you’ve ever tasted. Even more, you’ve probably debated it with other seafood lovers too. From swordfish to tuna to salmon to mahi-mahi to whatever fish you want to name, the list of delicious fish is endless. And the task of anointing one fish as the most delicious is next to impossible.

We attempted to determine, once and for all, which fish truly is more flavorful and tastes better than all the others. But what we quickly learned was that it really is a matter of personal preference, and so many different fish can take the cake. As we scoured the internet researching the science behind what makes a fish flavorful (shockingly there wasn’t much to find on this topic), we came across attempts from others to rank the tastiest fish in the world.

The best attempt we could find was by our friends at the Gourmet Food Store. Their list consisted of the following:

  1. Cod
  2. Sea Bass
  3. Halibut
  4. Red Snapper
  5. Salmon
  6. Catfish
  7. Swordfish

The complete detailed list can be read by clicking here, and it even includes recommended cooking methods for each. So, the next time you want to cook some of the tastiest seafood on the planet, check out the list from the Gourmet Food Store and choose whichever recipe you’re most in the mood for.