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Top 3 Wine & Fish Pairings

Nothing beats a delicious seafood dinner – we sincerely believe that. But nothing complements a delicious seafood dinner quite like a glass of wine. Many seafood lovers can attest to this. And because of this, wine is served at nearly every seafood restaurant or buffet you can visit, especially in Myrtle Beach, SC.

But how do you know which type of wine to have with your seafood? If you’ve ever wondered this, or if you now find yourself curious, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top 3 wine and seafood pairings:


1. Riesling with Crab Legs

To no surprise, a wine pairing with crab legs is atop our list. The citrusy layers, purity and acidity tasted in a glass of Riesling pair incredibly well with a plate of steamed crab legs. Also popular is Chardonnay with crab legs.


2. Prosecco with Fried Fish (Calabash Style)

A bubbly, sweet glass of Prosecco is the perfect complement to a plate of Calabash seafood, or fried seafood. Calabash-style shrimp, oysters and flounder are highly recommended.


3. Pinot Noir with Salmon

A hearty fish, such as salmon, is the ideal choice when enjoying a glass of red wine. But even with the heartiness, it’s important to choose a red wine that is not overly rich. A lighter Pinot Noir is the perfect choice.


For anyone who enjoys a glass of wine with their dinner, we hope you find this helpful. There are several other delicious combinations, but these are hands down our three favorites. Give one a try sometime and let us know which is your favorite! And of course, please drink responsibly.