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The History of Lobsters

In today’s day and age, lobster is viewed as a luxurious meal. Whether going out for a fancy dinner or bringing lobsters home to cook for the family, a lobster dinner is widely considered a delicious treat. But this was not always the case.

Lobsters are bottom-feeders, which means they live on the ocean floor and eat the scraps of anything they can get their claws on. There also used to be an incredible wealth of lobsters in America – like, a ridiculous amount. When the colonists first settled in New England, lobsters would wash up on the shores in an abundance. There were so many lobsters that people became tired of eating them, and to get rid of them the lobsters would be fed to pets, livestock and prisoners.

Lobster started becoming a popular food item in the mid-to-late 1800s when tourism began to rise. People from New York and Washington began visiting Boston, MA, and some restaurants would serve lobster as a cheap menu option. When the tourists returned to their hometowns, they brought cravings of lobster dinners with them. Because lobster was not easy to get outside of New England, residents of New York and Washington started paying good money to get lobster in their area.

The lobster trend soon took off and people began viewing lobster as the delicacy that we still treat it as today.