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The 3 Best Seafood Options for Tailgating During Football Season

The middle of September is here, which means football season is in full swing. Whether you prefer to attend NFL or college football games, one thing is consistent – there will be no shortage of food at the pregame tailgates. Hot dogs, cheeseburgers, chips and dip all make frequent appearances, but what about seafood?

It’s not often that good seafood is found at a tailgate, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Here are our top 3 seafood items that are easy to bring along and are sure to be the hit of the tailgate:

  1. Crab cakes – Crab cakes can be prepared prior to leaving the house and then transported in a Tupperware container that is kept in a cooler. When you’re ready to eat, cook them on the grill – they’re delicious. For a great grilled crab cakes recipe, click here:
  2. Oysters Rockefeller – A classic meal, or side, with so many possible spins on it. Our favorite spin? Cooking it on the grill. Prepare the Oysters Rockefeller prior to leaving, and transport similarly to the crab cakes above. Here is an incredible recipe for grilled Oysters Rockefeller with bacon:
  3. Shrimp – There is no better seafood item cooked on the grill than shrimp. For easiest transportation and grilling, season the shrimp to your preference and skewer them prior to leaving the house. Keep the shrimp in a Tupperware container and then place it inside a cooler, just like with the previous two items. When the grill is ready, lay the skewered shrimp across the grates and cook. Click here for a mouthwatering grilled shrimp recipe that will be everyone’s favorite:

Bring one of these items to your next tailgate and grill it along with the hot dogs, burgers and other food. Regardless of which of the three you choose; it will be sure to be the hit of the tailgate.