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Our Favorite Halloween Seafood Recipes

Happy Halloween! A time of year traditionally filled with costumes, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treating can also be an excuse to cook up delicious, albeit interesting, seafood dishes. We recently scoured the internet for Halloween-themed seafood items, and we found two dishes that we’ve tried for ourselves and wanted to pass along to all seafood lovers to enjoy this time of year.

The first dish is called Brazilian Shrimp Stuffed Pumpkin and is brought to us by our friends at Adore Foods. A year-round dish in Brazil, it is perfect for the Fall weather and specifically during Halloween. The meal consists of a baked pumpkin filled with sautéed shrimp, garlic, onion, and fresh tomatoes. For the full recipe, visit the post here:

The second dish is Wild Alaska Seafood Halloween Chowder, from our friends at the Food Network. This meal involves a delicious seafood chowder also served inside of a baked pumpkin. Another meal that is ideal for Fall weather, but even more so for Halloween specifically. View the full recipe by clicking here:

Not only should today be full of spooky fun, but seafood lovers now have an excuse to add seafood to the Halloween tradition!