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How to Eat Raw Oysters in Myrtle Beach

Are you a fan of the raw bar?  Or maybe you're interested in trying it for the first time?  Well you're going to enjoy your time in Myrtle Beach as there are several in the area to choose from.  Raw bars can be intimidating upon first glance, especially if you've never tried an oyster.  Oysters look like quite the messy and difficult task, but you shouldn't let that shy you away.  It's important to know that there isn't one "right" way to eat an oyster in Myrtle Beach. 


Let's begin by stating that oysters have great health benefits.  We'll discuss them in detail in a future post, but it should be noted that they are low in calories and fat, yet are a great source of protein.  A six ounce portion of oysters contains roughly 16 grams of protein. 


To start eating the raw oyster, move it around in the shell (with a fork or your finger) to ensure it's detached.  Once it is, all you have to do is slurp it out of the shell with your mouth.  Some people slurp the oyster down without chewing it, but they miss out on so much flavor when doing so.  Be sure to chew the oyster at least a couple of times.


Many places in Myrtle Beach use local oysters (and other items) in their raw bars.  When you eat oysters in Myrtle Beach, ask if the oysters are local ahead of time.  Local oysters are fresher, and the oysters found in Myrtle Beach are to die for.


One of the best raw bars and places to eat oysters in Myrtle Beach is at Captain Benjamin's Calabash Seafood.  The raw bar is included in the buffet and is stocked with the freshest oysters on the Grand Strand.  Be sure to ask your server to have some steamed for you too!