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Endless Crab Legs in Myrtle Beach, SC

Treat yourself to a healthy, all-you-can-eat meal

It's no secret that crab legs are a tremendous hit during the spring and summer months in Myrtle Beach.  They are delicious, fun to eat, and often times crab legs are endless.  Considering how much joy they bring to the dinner table, let's discuss if they are as healthy as they are tasty. 

One crab leg, roughly 130 grams, contains about 130 calories and nearly 26 grams of protein.  All-you-can-eat crab legs in Myrtle Beach are an excellent source of protein, particularly if you're lacking protein intake during your vacation.  There is also very little fat in crab legs; about 2g per serving.  The amount of fat that you will consume from crab legs is a very healthy portion as certain fats (omega-3 fatty acids) are healthy for your body and heart.

Crab legs are also a great source for vitamins and minerals.  If searching for another reason to take advantage of endless crab legs in Myrtle Beach, know that one serving of crab legs provides over 17 percent of your body's recommended daily vitamin B6, B12, and A intake.  Regarding minerals, crab legs are a great source of selenium (for your thyroid), magnesium (regulates blood pressure) , calcium (keeps your bones healthy), iron (carries oxygen in your red blood cells), and zinc (proper growth of the human body and can help fight cancer). 

When searching for the best place to enjoy endless crab legs in Myrtle Beach, please be aware that many places do not include them in their buffet price.  At Captain Benjamin's, that will never be the case.  All-you-can-eat crab legs are also included in the price, even with the Early Bird Special every day before 4:00pm.  With over 170 items on the buffet, there is also plenty of other sea and land food to choose from.